More than Asparagus......

There was lots of asparagus at the Stockton Asparagus Festival but there was also a vendor there with beautiful orchids.

Happy Birthday Sweet Granddaughter...we love you to the moon and back!!

Who are they and just what are they doing?

One seems to be pinching bugs between his fingers and the other appears to have found a new church to pray in. Apparently it was too light in the building because one has his eyes shut while the other has his sunglasses on. If you have any answers clue me in.....I am in the dark.

Got any idea what this is? If you live in CA you should know it well.

Beware, these are in your neighborhood too....

Should I eat it, freeze it or let the birds have it?

Did you wear an Easter bonnet today?

Can there ever be too much sun?

Another cute shot of Lucy...

Good grief what is it?

I think is is the beginning of 8 Easter buckets sans grass, wrapping and bows. Pfft, the way I'm going the bows and wrapping may never happen.

A nice spring day....


New baby on the block..

Meet "Lucy", a beagle and shepherd mix. She is 2 months old.

Happy Birthday Devin!

It's your first birthday, Devin,
One candle on your cake;
Proud parents stare in wonder
At each new move you make.

We join in celebration,
As this special day arrives,
For Devin has brought pleasure
Into all our lives.

We look forward now to seeing
How you progress and grow,
From the cute and tiny infant
You were one year ago.

So dig into your icing;
Enjoy your presents, too.
This reason for this day
Is a special person~~You!